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Default email scanning

Activate this field if you want your emails to be scanned for viruses or javascript code (in HTML emails) on the server. You can find further information about this feature in our FAQ.

Activate this field if you want your emails to be checked for viruses on the server. If a virus is found the affected email is deleted, and a notification is sent to the "Antivirus-Admin" (see chapter I-2.1). The antivirus software used here is ClamAV (; the virus signature database is updated automatically.
Sorry I'm just a bit confused as to whether or not I should check both or just one box?

What's the difference between Mail Scan and Antivirus check box? Both of them seem to be checking for virus using clamav. Does that mean that if I check "Mailscan" then "antivirus" will be automatically selected too?

Also what's the performance impact on the server if I check both boxes with anti spam selected too? Will this be an over kill? (I've got abt 35 mailbox setup by ispconfig on this machine)
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