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Question Kernel Panic mm/swap_state.c:316:spinlock(mm/swap_state..

I was wondering if anyones good with kernel errors on here?

I have the following coming up as a message when my system crashed (I am running centos 4.8, dont have the system requirements for centos 5).

I dont think (infact I am pretty sure) its not the health of the PC I am running on, as its temperatures fine, doesnt get above 35c at all, when I last went into the health diagnosis nothing came up problematic with the hardware etc.

So it must be something to do with the memory mangement possibly?

Here's the quote of the error I got:
kernel panic Not syncing

mm/swap_state.c:316:spin lock(mm/swap_state.c:038a8b0) already locked by mm/page_writeback.c/675
Any ideas?
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