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Default GDM problem still exist when installing on Fedora 13, OpenSUSE 11.1 and OpenSUSE 11.2


1) The problem as in this thread ( still exist.

I've tried fedora 13, opensuse 11.1 opensuse 11.2 and same problem in both.

But, when I delete /SENDMAIL/ANY/SHELL directly from file, /etc/shells
Then everything works fine!

But, a new user account -> 'Administrator ISPConfig' is listed. What account is this? How to remove it?

2) I hope deleting that line does not create other problem with ISPConfig.

3) So i believe the problem is with ISPConfig script. Not ISPConfig itself. But, I lost 2 days until I hit onto this thread. Falko/Till... can't you guys update the script. It still exist now, it's there for more that 1 year?

Reason not using ISPConfig 3 is because have pressing project. I've used ISPConfig 2 before and am familiar with it.

Thanks for the info to all that help especially Falko.
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