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Exclamation damn

Originally Posted by till View Post
The du command shows only the size of a given directory while repquota shows the size of all files owned by a specific user. So if files are not in that directory, they will be reported by repquota but not by du, so it is ok if the sizes differ. The relevant size for quota is the one reported by repquota and not by du. I guess that you have a copy of your web tree somewhere on that harddisk, thats why repquota shows the double size. You can e.g. use the find commaind to search for all files owned by a specific user to find where these copy is.
You are so right... when i saw your first line, i was like. duhh..
Than in it was made clear to me that my rdiff backup is also on there.... This explains the doubling of the size (exact ).

Thank you so much for thinking with me on this one... I knew that repquota check the whole file system, but i totally forgot about the backup...

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