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Default ispcfg3 and mod_fcgid or mod_fastcgi

I was reading up on how to spead up certain apache related thigns and stumbled upon a couple of pages dealing with these two. it seems to me ispcfg3 is using mod_fcgid, right?

I was reading up on using an opcode cache with fastcgi and found this statement.

Both mod_fcgid and mod_fastcgi can be told to limit the number of PHP processes to 1 per user. The PHP process can then be told how many children to spawn. Unfortunately mod_fcgid will only send one request per child process. The fact that PHP spawns its own children is ignored by mod_fcgid. If we use mod_fcgid with our setup, we can only handle one concurrent PHP request. This is not good. A long running request could easily block multiple smaller requests.

mod_fastcgi will send multiple simultaneous requests to a single PHP process if the PHP process has children that can handle it. This is the reason we must use mod_fastcgi to achieve our goal of one cache per user.
that is the reason why I am asking the above question. here is a link to the original article in case anyone is interested: and here is another link dealing with children, managed by apache2 or php:

forgot to add I am running a server setup according to the Debian perfect serer set up with ispcfg3

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