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Originally Posted by biggdog View Post
Yes I did do an iptables -L twice as I was not quite sure what I was looking at but your answer about only adding in the last line once gives me my answer. I think.

How about this now. Please notice the begining and the end. I have also added a possible save directory for this string. I got this from another site I use the person goes by "mr88talent"

Let me know if this could work while I am using ispconfig 3 debian lenny 5.06 amd64.


All should Be good
Looks like it should work to me. That is a lot of countries to reject, but I guess I am rejecting a lot as well at 28 currently. Have you been able to verify that without doing the steps below the changes to iptables are not persistent on reboot?

iptables-save > /etc/GEOIP_REJECT
iptables-restore < /etc/GEOIP_REJECT

vi /etc/network/interfaces

And insert the following text in the blank line just below "iface lo inet loopback":
pre-up iptables-restore < /etc/GEOIP_REJECT
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