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While I haven't resolved my problem after changing the pwd for the ispconfig user in mysql I think at least I can explain what happend.

1) I installed ispconfig with the mailserver option in a multiserver setup
2) I uninstalled ispconfig using the uninstall script. This script in fact deletes little more than the database. Most of the system configuration remains on the system.
3) I reinstalled ispconfig a second time, this time without the mail server option. Since the old postfix configuration still remained my websites were not able to send emails since postfix could not connect to the mysql db.
4) I now changed the pwd for the ispconfig user in mysql which is a bad idea. This pwd is hardcoded in several places and I still haven't found all of them.

So the bottom line - be careful when you use the uninstall script. In my case I think a complete reinstall would have been less trouble.

Maybe it would make sense to also include a message to the uninstall script to also check separately delete manually the mailserver/ftp etc configuration.

Please do not forget to delete the ispconfig user in the mysql.user table

Any system configuration by ispconfig apart from the web directories will remain on the server. Please check the following directories manually for configuration files:




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