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Default problems after secondary install (mysql ispconfig user+dbispconfig)

I reinstalled ispconfig a second time after uninstalling a botched first install by running the uninstall script. I think I used dbispconfig1 as db name in the first install but dbispconfig in the second install. It appears that the uninstall procedure did not delete the previous config files in /etc/postfix as I seem to have all files backed up in the directory /etc/postfix/

HTML Code:
header_checks           nested_header_checks            postfix-files          postfix-script    post-install   sasl               smtpd.cert
mime_header_checks              smtpd.key
While I was able to log on to the ispconfig webinterface after the second install I was not able to send email. After checking the credentials in the /etc/postfix/mysql-* files (without the ~) they still pointed to the db dbispconfig1 (from previous install) and a password which didin't work when trying to connect to the mysqldb dbispconfig.

I then changed the password of the mysql user ispconfig to what was in the .cf files and matched the db name in the .cf files to dbispconfig. I was now able to send email - but instead I lost the connection to my ispconfig interface . I found the db pwd can be changed easily in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/

What do you think happened? Is this maybe a bug in the uninstaller or my own fault. I maybe have to add that I have a 3 server setup:
1 dedicated webserver , 1 dedicated mail server and a backup server which is supposed to mirror the two for redundancy (not implemented yet) but this was all on the webserver.
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