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ok,that worked. the last step is to get an exception worked into the config file for domains that use wordpress with multisite enabled where wildcard subdomains are used.

the errors look like:

2010/11/03 19:17:28 [error] 32439#0: *3 open() "/var/www/" failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: _, request: "GET /wp-includes/images/adminbar.png HTTP/1.1", host: "", referrer: ""
the problem is nginx is looking for /var/www/ which does nto exist. is a virtual subdomain handled by wordpress.

so basically I need to extend this:
set $site_dir $host; if ($host ~ ^www\.(.*)) { set $site_dir $1; } root /var/www/$site_dir/web;
so that if $host is stripped of www and any subdomains and the resulting $host is these rewrite rules are executed as is multisite enabled with virtual subdomains:
rewrite ^.*/files/(.*) /wp-content/blogs.php?file=$1;
if (!-e $request_filename) {
rewrite ^.+?(/wp-.*) $1 last;
rewrite ^.+?(/.*\.php)$ $1 last;
rewrite ^ /index.php last;
any help out there?
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