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Unhappy Getting PHP to work with Cherokee

Let me first thank falko for the nice Howto on getting this set up. However, it would be nice, when you get to the part where you check your php using info.php if you would give some hints for where to look if it doesn't work.

I am installing this on Ubuntu 10.4 using PHP5 and Cherokee v1.08 which is a little newer than the version on the Howto. There was a little difference in the way you enable PHP on Cherokee. Under the default virtual server behaviors you need to select "Rule Managment" instead of Wizards. Then you can add a rule, look for languages and pick PHP. It's pretty straight forward from there.

But it still doesn't work. When I type in the url "http://localhost/info.php" I get an "Unable to Connect" message. If I try the same url without the "/info.php" I get the classic Cherokee Test Page.

If I try "php info.php" from a terminal on the web root I get the information printed out on the terminal.

Incidentally, "info.php" looks like this:
Just as a note, I did install the FastCGI php5-cgi as you recommended.

I am using FireFox 3.6.12 for a browser.

Does anyone have any idea where I can look to find out why this doesn't work?
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