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Default Mailbox Size Limits

In the documentation (PDF file) for ISPConfig shows on page 55 you can adjust the mail box size limit for a user. Mine does not for any of the domains I setup. I did give my domains "-1" (unlimited) server space when i set them up if that effects anything.

Is the mailbox size limit gone in my version of ISPConfig 2.0.8?

I had this brought to my attention when my brother on AOL tired to send a 10meg zip file to my email and he said it was bounced back with a message saying there is not enough space on my mail server (ispconfig).

The same message he sent me went to a freinds mail account on verision no problem. I sent my self from hotmail a 5meg attachment to my ispconfig account no problem so then i tried a 10meg and it was bounced back like my brothers. ISPConfig is stop large emails.

If it matters my ISPConfig mail account is doing SPAM and VIRUS protection for my domain in ispconfig too.

How do we correct this for large attachemnts?

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