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Default Certs and probes

Once again thanks for your input.

I have 7 ip's allocated to this server, one main ip running the mta for all the virtual domains included in the mysql database, the mtas ip is the same hosting the second website needing the SSL Cert installed, that being because the FQDN of the mail server is part of that root domain, I have another client site setup on a diff ip with an installed cert that works fine, when I turn on SSL for the virtualhost record that i want to also have SSL apache immediately takes a crap and shuts down, upon trying to restart the service it says fatal bind error: address already in use. I have to ssh into the server an remove the SSL option from the vhosts record and restart apache for everything to come back online. Now my question is, is the problem because ispconfigs main ip is the same one as the mta and the same one of this domain I'm trying to enable it for?

About the probing and 500 error, I was wondering if the people trying to force-feed my server these scripts is what is causing it to throw my clients 500 errors upon logging into their mailboxes and folder refreshes. I never had the 500 error problem until my server started getting slammed.......
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