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Default Thank you but I still need a bunch of help

I appreciate that tip but is there anyone that can give me some insight as to what these logs are suggesting, I would appreciate a brief run through of what a professional administrator sees here. I am only an intermediate IT guy, I'm not very familiar with defending complex platforms, which I know sounds dumb but like I said you have to learn somehow right?

Also this is very important, I myself and all of my clients are receiving an "internal server error 500" every few days and I need to know if thats a separate problem and where to start on fixing it. I already removed all of the .htaccesss files in the site dirs thinking that was it but no luck.

AND one other important thing, I can only enable 1 SSL site in the configs, I have each site that needs SSL set up on a separate ip add but when I get the first working and I enable the second apache crashes and says "address already in use" cannot bind or something like that, if anyone could please help with these issues I would greatly appreciate it!
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