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Default coexistence of php4 and php5 on ISPC3

Hi Falco, hi Till, hello everyone!

Thnx for your great work at first! I bought a membership last week to download the new manual of ISPC3 and I love it... Very usefull.

There is only one point Im not able to solve since some time. I already was searching the web by google, searching the, tried everything (that I know) to find usefull information about: Peacefull coexistence of php4 and php5 in ISPConfig 3

I found some information getting deep into changing default ISPC3-configuration. Im sure I found enough information to get it to work but I could not find any help, how-to, tutorial on how to realize this coexistence in a perfect running ISPC3-configuration without meshing up default configuration, overwritten any time I go for an version update or upgrade.
In the new manual only one line gave me hope to solve this need: "More than one PHP version can be run as FastCGI".
That sounds like its not a big thing... My problem is the need of php4 for some older projects to run but I dont want to experiment around on a production machine.

Could you give me - and others - possibly a secure step-by-step how-to or tutorial on:


If this is asked to much, maybe you just could give me some easy to understand advice to find my way. My main focus is on compatibility with updates of future releases without meshing up the configuration.

Thnx in advace for your help

Best regards from Vienna -


Debian Lenny - ISPConfig 3.3
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