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a backup function that creates filesystem backups in the selected interval
stores selected numbers of backups, in your screenshot 4, backups will be deleted after 4 weeks
user can access the compressed backup files to restore files from it without asking the admin

only filesystem backup of the website, no mail, no databases
only on servers own filesystem, if the harddisk is crashed the backups are lost

My wish would be a backup function like this:
Select remote backup target in System / Server Config, enter the login information for a remote FTP server
enhance the backup tab: number of local backups, number of remote backups (to save disk space on local disk but to be able to store more backups on a special backup storage server)
add the backup tab to databases and mail domains
add the backup tab to clients and use informations entered there for all websites / databases / mail domains without own backup definitions

If this could be part of one of the next releases I'd be able to kick tartarus from my cronjobs.
By the way: I think tartarus is a great way to do the backups. It just needs a config file and a cronjob / be called by ISPC cron.
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