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Default Information regarding the backup tab in ISPConfig 3.0.3

In the release of ISPConfig 3.03 when logged in as admin, there is a tab available under >Sites>Web Domain, that is labeled "Backup". when this tab is selected, the options of when to backup, and how many backups to save is available..

I have purchased the manual, and been through it a couple of times looking for more information about this feature, but have not found anything in depth.

I would love to know the ins and outs of this feature, as I was looking at a cron job for each user that would backup the clientxx contents to a folder called backup in the client folder. If I don't need to do this, and ISPConfig would take care of this functionality it would be a great help.

Anyone able to shed some light on the functionality of the backup tab?

Any / All help greatly appreciated..

Thanks in advance..
(I have attached an image of the tab I am referring to)

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