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Falko thanks for your quick answer but still this isn't very clear.

My problem is that my webserver is set as DMZ on the router. When I try to modify my host file to point ISPconfigServerIP to and I still get the same result.

I can't figure out how to do it even after downloading ISPconfig manual to see what possible solutions I can utilise based on what is written.

The theory is very straight forward: To create ip-based websites, but since I run multiple domains on one server which only has 1 ip address whatever I try it redirects it my routers main config page.

Is there a way to modify apache to understand and translate the ip with some kind of port to each website I want to access locally? Like for example myserverip:8282 to go to and myserverip:8383 to

I hope you get what I mean and help me fix this dead end I am into.

Thanks again
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