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Today, we had a few minute lockup but I wasn't at home to observe it.

My CPUWAIT hit 198.

My processes average 198, however at the time of this occurrence the processes was over 360.

Swap was utilized during this time. First time since the RAM increase to 4GB that this happened.

MYSQL has been tweaked and should be pretty good.
Here's the output of the
MySQL Version 5.0.51a-24+lenny4-log x86_64

Uptime = 3 days 0 hrs 57 min 33 sec
Avg. qps = 384
Total Questions = 100897230
Threads Connected = 10

Server has been running for over 48hrs.
It should be safe to follow these recommendations

To find out more information on how each of these
runtime variables effects performance visit:
for info about MySQL's Enterprise Monitoring and Advisory Service

The slow query log is enabled.
Current long_query_time = 10 sec.
You have 55472 out of 100898023 that take longer than 10 sec. to complete
Your long_query_time seems to be fine

The binary update log is NOT enabled.
You will not be able to do point in time recovery

Current thread_cache_size = 8
Current threads_cached = 3
Current threads_per_sec = 0
Historic threads_per_sec = 0
Your thread_cache_size is fine

Current max_connections = 200
Current threads_connected = 9
Historic max_used_connections = 76
The number of used connections is 38% of the configured maximum.
Your max_connections variable seems to be fine.

Current InnoDB index space = 64 K
Current InnoDB data space = 64 K
Current InnoDB buffer pool free = 98 %
Current innodb_buffer_pool_size = 64 M
Depending on how much space your innodb indexes take up it may be safe
to increase this value to up to 2 / 3 of total system memory

Max Memory Ever Allocated : 649 M
Configured Max Per-thread Buffers : 1.07 G
Configured Max Global Buffers : 232 M
Configured Max Memory Limit : 1.30 G
Physical Memory : 3.87 G
Max memory limit seem to be within acceptable norms

Current MyISAM index space = 134 M
Current key_buffer_size = 16 M
Key cache miss rate is 1 : 395
Key buffer free ratio = 15 %
You could increase key_buffer_size
It is safe to raise this up to 1/4 of total system memory;
assuming this is a dedicated database server.

Query cache is enabled
Current query_cache_size = 150 M
Current query_cache_used = 54 M
Current query_cache_limit = 24 M
Current Query cache Memory fill ratio = 36.20 %
Current query_cache_min_res_unit = 4 K
MySQL won't cache query results that are larger than query_cache_limit in size

Current sort_buffer_size = 2 M
Current read_rnd_buffer_size = 256 K
Sort buffer seems to be fine

Current join_buffer_size = 3.00 M
You have had 4 queries where a join could not use an index properly
You should enable "log-queries-not-using-indexes"
Then look for non indexed joins in the slow query log.
If you are unable to optimize your queries you may want to increase your
join_buffer_size to accommodate larger joins in one pass.

Note! This script will still suggest raising the join_buffer_size when
ANY joins not using indexes are found.

Current open_files_limit = 1810 files
The open_files_limit should typically be set to at least 2x-3x
that of table_cache if you have heavy MyISAM usage.
Your open_files_limit value seems to be fine

Current table_cache value = 800 tables
You have a total of 386 tables
You have 498 open tables.
The table_cache value seems to be fine

Current max_heap_table_size = 375 M
Current tmp_table_size = 375 M
Of 153649 temp tables, 32% were created on disk
Perhaps you should increase your tmp_table_size and/or max_heap_table_size
to reduce the number of disk-based temporary tables
Note! BLOB and TEXT columns are not allow in memory tables.
If you are using these columns raising these values might not impact your 
ratio of on disk temp tables.

Current read_buffer_size = 128 K
Current table scan ratio = 1749 : 1
read_buffer_size seems to be fine

Current Lock Wait ratio = 1 : 1666
You may benefit from selective use of InnoDB.
I would venture a guess this is to do with rampant apache/fcgi processes. However, I changed FCGI to 1 child as Till suggested.

Have a raw.gz collectl for that day. Honestly, I can't figure out how to get it to display information in the terminal worth anything. It just floods everything and screws up my terminal connection.

Help appreciated.
ISPC3 on Debian! It's great!
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