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Sounds nice, looking forward to it already.

Originally Posted by necromncr View Post
*EDIT* what an embarasment - there is no Roundcube 0.4.3, just 0.4.2.


Being stuck on 2.x myself and noticing Roundcube got really good lately I decided to upgrade / switch my webmail solution. While there I didn't find any good solutions for authentication with ISPConfig except for virtuser_file plugin so I decided to do some work to make a plugin for setting real user's name and email into Roundcube settings.

Result is very user-friendly experience as there is no "new user identity" settings to be done.

Being in serious lack of time here I ask of you, does any of you need a howto / this plugin to be installed so I know to take the time and share it with you?

Let me know :-)
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