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Default new website cannot be located

this is the first time i am configuring a shared web server like this so i will apologize in advance for my lack of understanding on some issues.

i am trying to create a shared web server that my students will use to create websites.

our institute sysadm has created a DNS entry in our school DNS that allows me to reach my host machine ( mislab.vgsom ) from anywhere inside our college network ( domain :

this means that if i type from inside our campus the machine is found.

the apache webserver root is located at var/www/index.html

i have "successfully" installed ISPConfig v2 !
i can create resellers, clients, websites ... and i can see that my website is there

for client c1 ( of reseller r1 ) i have created a website r1c1w where host is r1c1w and domain is

i can see this website is lying in a folder called web12 in var/www and there is a "shortcut" folder called and there is a proper index file there.

but i cannot reach this website !

when i type ( from a different machine) i get "server not found"

when i type ( from a different machine ) i am directed to the sharedip folder and i get a message " This IP address is shared. For access to the web site which you look for, enter its address instead of its IP."

there is obviously a problem with my DNS configuration but cannot understand what is the problem

when i created the website r1c1w in ISPConfig i checked the create DNS option .. so i was expecting the DNS to be updated.

i have deleted and recreated the reseller (r1),client (r1c1) and the website (r1c1w ) quite a few times ... but no improvement.

evidently i am making a big mistake somewhere.

do i have to request our institute sysadm to make some changes in the institute DNS ? if so, that is a problem .. i will be creating webserver for my students every now and then and i cannot go back to the institute sysadm each time.

please help me understand this problem and find a solution
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