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To adapt ispconfig and use DOMAINNAME, DOMAINID, DOMAINNAMESHORT as prefix for database in order to allow moving databases between clients!

My prefix for database name and database user is:

Here DOMAINNAMESHORT will be the first 5 characters of the domain name, and the DOMAINID will be added to make it unique, however not a full list of databases with ONLY numbers!

e.g. for the database prefix will be domai12_

And because it's based on DOMAIN it allows to move to another client.

INSTRUCTIONS (on own risk)

To support DOMAINID, DOMAINNAME and DOMAINNAMESHORT as prefix modfiy the file /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/sites/ and modify replacePrefix and add also a new function getDomainName :

function replacePrefix($name, $dataRecord) {
  // No input -> no possible output -> go out!
  if ($name=="") return "";
  // Array containing keys to search
  // Try to match the key within the string
  foreach ($keywordlist as $keyword) {
    if (substr_count($name, '['.$keyword.']') > 0) {
      switch ($keyword) {
        case 'CLIENTNAME':
          $name=str_replace('['.$keyword.']', getClientName($dataRecord),$name);
        case 'CLIENTID':
          $name=str_replace('['.$keyword.']', getClientID($dataRecord),$name);
        case 'DOMAINID':
          $name=str_replace('['.$keyword.']', $dataRecord['parent_domain_id'],$name);
        case 'DOMAINNAME':
          $name=str_replace('['.$keyword.']', getDomainName($dataRecord['parent_domain_id']),$name);
        case 'DOMAINNAMESHORT':
          $name=str_replace('['.$keyword.']', substr(getDomainName($dataRecord['parent_domain_id']),0,5),$name);
  return $name;

function getDomainName($domain_id) {
  global $app;
  $tmp = $app->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT domain FROM web_domain WHERE domain_id = " . $domain_id);

  return $tmp['domain'];

To show the dropdown with domains in the database edit form, modify web/sites/templates/database_edit.htm and add between client_group_id and type around line 39:
(copied from ftp_user_edit.htm)

<div class="ctrlHolder">
    <label for="parent_domain_id">{tmpl_var name='parent_domain_id_txt'}</label>
    <select name="parent_domain_id" id="parent_domain_id" class="selectInput">
                                       {tmpl_var name='parent_domain_id'}
To define the domain dropdown in the form modify /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/sites/form/database.tform.php and add between server_id and type around line 72:
(copied from ftp_user.tform.php)
'parent_domain_id' => array (
                        'datatype'      => 'INTEGER',
                        'formtype'      => 'SELECT',
                        'default'       => '',
                        'datasource'    => array (      'type'  => 'SQL', 'querystring' => "SELECT domain_id,domain FROM web_domain WHERE type = 'vhost' AND {AUTHSQL} ORDER BY domain",'keyfield'=> 'domain_id','valuefield'=> 'domain'
                        'value'         => ''
Add to the table web_database the field parent_domain_id after server_id with INT unsigned default 0.
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