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Hi matty,

Thanks for your advice.

Originally Posted by matty View Post
To follow the method in the howto, you need 4 nodes (servers).
Referring to;
The UltraMonkey Solution;

Still I can't understand why it needs 4 servers?

I suppose the 2 "Ultra Monkey (Linux Director+Backup)" represent Real Server 3. What does N on "Real Server N" represent? Whether in this example it is 4. Is it the number of servers on this setup? I can add more than 4 Real Servers?

You could get away with 3 if you didn't want redundancy for the load balancer.
It is NOT difficult for me to clone 3 Real Servers. I need "REAL TIME" redundancy for the load balancer. But I'm not sure whether the 4 Real Servers need to be identical on packages installed?

Please advise. TIA


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