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Default Loadbalanced High-Availability

Hi folks,

Host - Ubuntu 1010 desktop 64 bit
VM - Ubuntu 1010 LAMP server 64 bit (w/o GUI)
virtualizer - Oracle VirtualBox

What I'm going to explore is as follows:-

Server-1 - LAMP, a working server on VM-1
Server-2 - LAMP, for redundancy on VM-2

While Server-1 is working all working data will be synchronized/duplicated on Server-2 simultaneously. When Server-1 is down for whatever cause the network will be switched automatically to Server-2. No interruption will be caused. Server-2 will continue to work. Then Server-1 can be repaired/upgraded/reconfigured etc.

I followed "The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 10.10 [ISPConfig 3]";

to install LAMP server on Server-1(VM-1). Just finished installation. I'm prepared to clone Server-1(VM-1) as Server-2(VM-2) and then to follow following link;

How To Set Up A Loadbalanced High-Availability Apache Cluster Based On Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

to proceed installing loadbalanced High Availability on the LAMP server.

I have following questions in doubt:-

I only have 2 servers (VM-1 and VM-2) for the redundancy setup. Whether I must install 4 servers (4 VMs) to proceed.

In case of only 2 servers (2 VMs) are required for my case whether I can clone Server-1(VM-1) as Server-2(VM-2)? OR Server-2(VM-2) must be a base server without Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. installed?

Please shed me some light. TIA

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