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Default Setting up internal and external network using ISPConfig

Hello to you all,

ISPconfig 3 is working like a dream for my external network. I would like to know if the next setup is possible.

I would like to have an internal and an external network with two nic's eth0 and eth1. Eth0 is used for my external network using ip ISPConfig is setup using this ip and nic.

My internal network is on eth1 using ip I setup Samba and I'm able to connect to my internal network. In hosts I added servername to both ip's an put the ip's and names of the internal networkcomputers.

Is it possible to edit named.conf and adding zones in ISPConfig for internal and external network? In the Centos Bible by Boronczyk and Negus there is an example. If neccessary I wil copy this.

Do I need two seperate servernames for both networks, instead of one I'm now using?

The server I build has to replace my old server, the old one is only configured for the internal network, and uses Pervasive sql. My new server has to host a few websites, and I would like to backup my internal network using a connection to my homeadress.

With kind regards Ad.
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