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Originally Posted by falko
I think we should also apply this to Maildir then, don't you think so?
I don't think this would make sense. I'm introducing a new value for limiting user_mailquota, and Maildir simply doesn't use that. Web quota of users shouldn't be touched by that, on the one hand because these are inside the boundaries of web space anyway, on the other hand because it's technically a WEB quota, that shouldn't be limited by some mail quota value.

But: As soon as Maildir would get its own mailbox quota, just like mbox and cyrus, I agree.

In short terms: I'd prefer to implement this behaviour for ALL mechanisms, but Maildir just doesn't use the value and thus isn't affected.

Another question:
As far as I understand the code, users are not really deleted in "user_delete", but only disabled, and get really purged in "web_user_clean". But the mbox file is already deleted in "user_delete"... Where should I delete cyrus mailboxes? Btw, it doesn't hurt creating mailboxes that already exist (e.g. when restoring).

And last: I'm quite sure I'll finish cyrus work today or tomorrow, cyrus interface itself is complete, just some cosmetic changes to do. But I still have to implement some imit checks.

Last question for this post: Cyrus IMAP is managed by an administrator user. This username is not hardcoded, but settable in /etc/imapd.conf. This means I need an option in ISPConfig to specify username and password of this user. Where should I add them? or isp_server? Maybe I should extend the installer to recognize if cyrus is installed, and if yes, ask during setup?
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