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"sorry but the api of ispconfig is incomplete for create a good module for this billing system"
If one of these poeple would have contacted us or reported to the bugtracker or dev forum that they miss a specific function to implement billing, then we would have implemented that. But nobody contacted us.

I know of a company that implemented a billing solution for their internal use with the ispconfig 2 api successfully a few years ago, so the api must have been ok for that for years.

@Till: The billing can be integrated with a website for purchase?
The billing module is connected to the other components of ispconfig by events. So if you use the ispconfig API from within your website to e.g. create a client with the client template a, then this will also create the billing record that is connected to that client template. Additionally, there will be a billing api to create these billing items by api calls as well.
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