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Great work on the Manual, have just subscribed and downloaded, have only had chance to have a brief look, but looks great ( will have a better look this weekend when I upgrade to 3.0.3 ).

I do have a question though.

The ISPConfig 3 manual is protected by copyright. No part of the manual may be reproduced, adapted, translated, or made available to a third party in any form by
any process (electronic or otherwise) without the written specific consent of projektfarm GmbH. You may keep backup copies of the manual in digital or printed
form for your personal use. All rights reserved.
This copy was issued to: HowtoForge User Agent_M - email address - Date: 2010-10-14
In the case of a customer actually needing or wanting access to the control panel, I would like to be able to give them a "user" version of the manual, and without my online name on it ( I don't mind however if this is substituted for my real name and business email address ).

For the most part my customers won't need this, but in the case of those who do, is there a way we would be able to make this possible? ( without me infringing on your copyright of course ).

Great work again, am really looking forward to having a better read of it.
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