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mmm ... I'not sure I well understud. You mean the admin can't create group or users via the system tab? So, this area and their commands what are intended for?
I my short experience with MyDNS Config, this tools to manage users and groups work wery well, excep for the fact i mentioned in my first post: Default group assignment doesn't assign the group too.
Simply, If I remember to assign both (default group AND group) everything seems to work fine.
Now I will carefully check what you wrote about limits, and see if could be a problem. In my whishes is not to create a group without client, but many users belonging to the same group (=client?)
This is not a requirments, of course. I can work without System Tab. But if it is there ... I'll try to do the best with it
Many thanks for you reply. Helped so much in avoid future db problems.

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