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Default [solved]-Left hand side of ISPConfig admin panel blank

The problem is with FireFox - only on my machine.

I installed Firefox 4.0b8pre and now I can access the ISPConfig admin panel just fine. (Problem still exists with Firefox 3.6.10 & .12 (Fixed - see below))

SOLUTION - Should it happen to someone else - I noticed that when I installed Firefox 4.x, it informed me that my add-ons might not work with 4.x - so all were disabled. This is why it started working.

Went back to the standard Firefox 3.6.10 and disabled my add-ons one by one - Loaded up the ISPConfig after each one - No changes until I disabled "Google's - Page Speed 1.9".

The culprit was "Page Speed 1.9".

Everything is fine now.

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