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Originally Posted by till View Post
The release notes explian how to take a manual backup before you run the update, you should do this the next time before you update. But this is also not a 100% protection for broken databases as you might not see if your db is broken at that time.
Well i did backup, but it was broken also, i didn't know there is database problem, i didnt noticed it, maybe because ISPConfig worked just fine. Well, i think iw ill have to make some automatic backup each day, it should be best option for future.

Thanks for problem explaination.

OK another try for update. Last night i back to with old database and now...
>> Update

Operating System: CentOS 5 or compatible

This application will update ISPConfig 3 on your server.
Starting full database update.
Reconfigure Permissions in master database? (yes,no) [no]: yes

PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: hosts in /tmp/ispconfig3_install/install/lib/installer_base.lib.php on line 323
Reconfigure Services? (yes,no) [yes]:
Configuring Postfix
Configuring Jailkit
Configuring SASL
Configuring PAM
Configuring Courier
Configuring Spamassassin
Configuring Amavisd
Configuring Getmail
Configuring Pureftpd
Configuring BIND
Configuring Apache
Configuring vlogger
Configuring Apps vhost
Configuring Database
Configuring Firewall
Updating ISPConfig
ISPConfig Port [8080]:

Create new ISPConfig SSL certificate (y,n) [n]:

Reconfigure Crontab? (yes,no) [yes]:

Updating Crontab
Restarting services ...
Stopping MySQL:                                            [  OK  ]
Starting MySQL:                                            [  OK  ]
Shutting down postfix:                                     [  OK  ]
Starting postfix:                                          [  OK  ]
Stopping saslauthd:                                        [  OK  ]
Starting saslauthd:                                        [  OK  ]
Shutting down Mail Virus Scanner (amavisd):                [  OK  ]
  The value of variable $myhostname is "hosting", but should have been
  a fully qualified domain name; perhaps uname(3) did not provide such.
  You must explicitly assign a FQDN of this host to variable $myhostname
  in amavisd.conf, or fix what uname(3) provides as a host's network name!
Starting Mail Virus Scanner (amavisd):                     [FAILED]
Stopping Clam AntiVirus Daemon:                            [  OK  ]
Starting Clam AntiVirus Daemon:                            [  OK  ]
Stopping Courier authentication services: authdaemond
Starting Courier authentication services: authdaemond
Stopping Courier-IMAP server: imap imap-ssl pop3 pop3-ssl
Starting Courier-IMAP server: imap imap-ssl pop3 pop3-ssl
Stopping httpd:                                            [  OK  ]
Starting httpd:                                            [  OK  ]
Stopping pure-ftpd:                                        [  OK  ]
Starting pure-ftpd:                                        [  OK  ]
Update finished.
PHP Notice: Undefined variable: hosts in /tmp/ispconfig3_install/install/lib/installer_base.lib.php on line 323 is interesting. Last day when doing update to there was no any such msg

Oh and he removed my handly added $myhostname form amavisd.conf. Is it what he should do when updating? He also changed my config for ClamAV connection (i mean socket where it should be, i will check if he also changed clamav config files).

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