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Default Failed during pvmove, howto: set up software raid 1 on running LVM system


After succesfully following the guide on installing software RAID 1 on a running ubuntu 10.04 system (no LVM), I decided to do the same on a server machine with LVM installed:

The configuration as shown in the howto is identical to our server except for the server name. Of course I used our server name whenever it was written server1.

After the command
$ pvmove -i 2 /dev/sda5 /dev/md1
reached 100%, it displayed:
ABORTING: Can't find mirror LV in servername for /dev/sda5

After this I couldn't do anything anymore. all LVM commands resulted with: "Command failed with status code 5."
And the system became read-only.

I had to reboot, and of course, changing the grub and fstab resulted in an unbootable system.

So now I need to either continue the process, or restore the system.

Is there a way to restore the previous state? I assume I need to load the live CD, install mdm, mount sda through lvm and somehow restore the system from the command line, but I have no idea how to do all this... anyone?


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