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Unhappy Ispconfig 3 Server Config screwup

I got my server set up with 3.0.3 beta with the perfect debian lenny setup using 5.0.6, got roundcube setup perfectly and the mailuser interface. I started adding some test domains for email. Even made one of them live actually. Got my Ispconfig interface setup to use https successfully. Everything was running smoothly until......

I decided to do some early morning server maintenance and set up another domain to go live for email. All good so far, even figured out how to use fetchmail to pull users existing webmail over imap from the existing mailhost.

Then I decided to poke around in the interface and see what settings are there.
Bad idea before coffee.
Went to the System > Server Config> "choose my server" > Server tab and noticed that the gateway and nameserver settings did not look right. So I changed them. Immediately breaking web access to everything.

To make matters worse, I thought I would search for the files that were changed and change them back. Grep found a myd file with the new nameservers i had just entered. So I manually edited it. Bad idea number 2.

Okay so I know now what I did, I think. I damaged the table in the dbispconfig database by manualy editing it. I managed to actually repair that database so I can at least open the table without it giving any errors. But there is no data in it.

So if I were able to run some mysql commands to repopulate that table with the correct info, would that fix it?

If so, can someone please send me what is in their table so I can duplicate it and attempt to get this going again, without starting over from scratch? Yo know like the commands you use to create the tables in an empty database.

Many thanks....and I will remember to at least wake up a bit next time first
: )
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