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Default User en Group changed on all websites after adding site/domain

Big problems, a lot of mailboxes are down, and websites are not running because of the wrong file rights (775).

Yesterday I added a domain and now all the websites folders are changed to that group. The user changed to apache. And all files are 775 now.

Even /var/www was set to that user and group.

What I did so far:
- changed the logsize in de database, set all the user stats to u (update). Ran touch /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/.run to update them. A lot of the users where changed in the user directory, but not the group.
- changed the web size and saved. Al lot of users changed again on the files, but still no group changes.

What do I have to do/run/change to change all the users and groups to the correct ones?
What do I have to do to have the files changed to 755 again, and nog 775 like they are now?
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