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Default smtp handshake

Hy geys, thanks for the response.

Yes, I am using an ADSL line and a certified router.

For the port isue I called my ISP and they sayd that the port should be open.
The even tested this and were able to telnet directly on port 25 to my postfix server.
So the port 25 blocked is defently not an isue here.

I have done some checking myself on the SMTP connection and read about a SMTP handshake.
The gave me a host/DNS name of SCARTO.XS4ALL.NL
I have named my server WEBSRV1 with the extension SCARTO.XS4ALL.NL
Thus the whole dns string to reach my postfix server would be:

This is dns string is not reachable from the internet and might be a problem for the "SMTP greeting (port 25)".
I wil try to change my host name from WEBSRV1 to SCARTO and wil do the same thing for my domain name.
(should have done that during installation of course)

As this server is not setup with ISPCONFIG would you be so kind to tell me what config files I have to change to make this happen?
Or is the advise to start all over again a better idea?
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