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Default ISPconfig and apache on centos 5.5

i've been trying to understand ispconfig for few days now.
i have a VPS running centos 5.5 x86_64, i followed the instruction of the perfect server, to install ispconfig 3 on the VPS. after a day of messing with bind, i am finally running my own nameserver, and now to the important part... apache!
ok, while fixing my nameserver problems, i noticed ispconfig was pointing to wrong directories for bind, not the files of my chrooted bind.
so now, i noticed some very debian-like configuration entries for apache in ispconfig, which makes me wonder if these need changing or not.
it says the enabled dir is "/etc/httpd/conf/sites-enabled", but does apache on centos look in this directory?
i am asking because after creating a test site on a subdomain of mine, entering the subdomain in my browser loaded the file at /var/www/http (centos' default web root)... what am i missing?
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