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Default ftp to wrong folder

I think I'm almost there, thanks to you guys. I'm now getting the ISPconfig "Welcome to Your Website" default page.

Here's the latest issue(s).

I created an ftp login for myself and attempted to upload the files for my site. I still got the default page. I went digging around in the files and I found that in my directory (/var/www/clients/client1) there were three other directories - web1, web3, and

It appears that my files were uploaded to the web3 directory instead of the directory.

Where did I mess up?

Second question. My ftp login has the word "default" in front of the username. Is there a way to get rid of this?

Third question. How do I create a user login that will allow someone else to login to a control panel that is specific to their website, not a "master" type control panel? Or is this possible? And what url would they use to log in?

I really have tried to research these questions before bothering you with them. But I've had no luck.

I truly appreciate your help.
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