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Originally Posted by u4david View Post
Something happened with su-php enabled on all my sites.
The webmail returned error 404.
even just local access does the same.

I gonna try to start fresh and see if i can recreate the problem.

It hink it happend ufter update.
May be it was me but if someone knows anything about this I may need some light on that.

Should i expect issues with SU-php enabled and web mail access?
latest ISPC3 stable installed+ubuntu 10.04
You can not access webmail trogh the domain of a website as webmail is installed outside of the website root directory and suexec denies access for security reasons then. Additionally, the files ahve to be owned by the website user if they shall be accessible by suphp.

The solution is to create a dedicated wenbsite for webmail, e.g. with the domain and wccess webmail trough this website only.
Till Brehm
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