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Default Basic setup for ISPConfig 3 and dns

I'm relatively new here, so excuse me if my questions are very rudimentary.

I have completed my server using the The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 9.04 [ISPConfig 3]. The server is in my home which has a single dynamic IP address. The address changes rarely but it does change (maybe 3 times a year at the most)

My problem: I need to have two dns servers (with two separate IP addresses) at the registrar where most of my domains are located. The rest of my domains are at Godaddy and I believe the same is true - need two dns servers.

Here are my questions:

1. What is the easiest and most efficient setup to handle DNS in this situation?

2. Should I use DyDNS? Do I use it for all dns or just as a secondary dns? Is the service that I need free or is it something they charge for? Does DyDNS actually give me an IP address that I can enter at the registrar for each virtual DNS server or is it a sub-domain?

3. If I use DyDns, do I need to "turn off" the DNS in ISPConfig or change other settings somewhere? Do I leave the zone empty?

4. If I don't use DyDNS, what is the process for changing the IP address in ISPConfig when it does change?

Thanks in advance
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