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Hi Till,

Thank you for that nice reply and an excellent new approach - I will certainly give it a go as this would probably be a lot cleaner than what I am doing now.

However, one question - The .run file which tells the bash script ( to invoke server.php - this gets created by ISPConfig whenever an update to its config has been made? You didn't remove this in ISPConfig 3 even though this approach has been deprecated?

Just making sure

Thanks again!

PS: The reason for all this was that it was critical that directories etc. got created ASAP so we could set up our system files immediatly and update databases etc. - That is, a complete setup of the systems. Accessibility to the site was of a secondary concern - so it was OK that apache got restarted a minute later - as at that point everything was ready to go. With the other approach, the user risked having to wait up to 2 minutes+ for everything to finish (And we don't like to keep people waiting, looking at a spinner ) - Now everything is all set up in 30 seconds or less, typically.

With your new/old approach then +10 seconds is AOK by us, and should solve our problems

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