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I'm a blind computer user, administering an Ubuntu server.
The version of Ubuntu being used when I followed the tutorial that Rocky did (at least I think that's who did this tutorial) is the 10.04 lucid release, witht he very latest version of mails canner.
I decided to not try the mail wasch thingy or hwatever that's called, just yet.
When I attempt to use Mail scanner, it starts scanning my emails, and uses clamav to scan for viruses.
However, before it even finishes, it says:
Sep 18 00:31:57 keithnet MailScanner[18262]: File checker failed with real error: Insecure dependency in exec while running with -T switch at /usr/share/MailScanner//MailScanner/ line 374.
Sep 18 00:31:58 keithnet MailScanner[15576]: Virus and Content Scanning: Starting
Well, if I check with the webmin MailScanner module it doesn't appear to be running at all, so the deamon's died as far as I'm concerned.
It won't finish scanning my emails, so no emails.
I've attempted restarting and even using some trick someone had mentioned about chuid postfix, but that didn't work.
Said it couldn't change the uid.
Gave me some bin error, and I quickly replaced it with the standard /etc/init.d/mailscanner script.
Can anyone tel me what to do, as all my packages are up-to-date at this point, and I'm stuck?
I can't get it to finish scanning my emails. I'd like this thing to stop hanging on this error.
I did see a bug at one point-but I need to know a lot more than anything taht Debian or Ubuntu may have on this bug--I need to know how to specifically get around the bug for the time being, if at all possible.
Any known workarounds?
This is driving me nuts, and I don't know what to do.
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