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Well thats interesting. I had mysql on there before as I also had phpmyadmin working fine. It appears that mysql-devel was missing and now it compiling. waiting for next failure now

To save people 20 minutes of waiting for this to compile, can you add a prerequisite test to make sure all standard requirements are available? I know there's alot of distros to cover but we know there's standard package managers between them all. ie rpm,yum,deb etc... that would enough to cover most.
Even if you can check some simple things that may be enough to tell people know what they've missed...
(my 2 cents + GST )

PS: This looks to be a nice open version of hosting services. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up soon and understand it's structure then contribute to the community I've used cpanel, plesk, virtualmin and know the goods and bads of all of them as I've put them all to the crunch and upset with them all due to lack of feature here and there.

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