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Default RAIN for load balancing & faul tolerance

Thanks for the quick response...I will definitely try mode 1 just to prove your point which is a great idea - let's see if it works with 1 NIC straight through first, then introduce RAIN. (currently this cluster is in a holding pattern while we troubleshoot another issue).

However, the reason we wanted to use mode 5 or 6 is 2 fold:

1) to increase the throughput for the drbd resource.

2) to reduce the amount of switch ports required by our cluster for remote deployment situations where space is already at capacity.

I will give your suggestions a try and re-run the baseline tests we've developed to measure performance which is our deciding factor. Obviously with the introduction of RAIN we have failover which is great but only temporarily - we need the throughput to me at max capacity to be in a production environment.

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