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Sorry to bring this one up again but I still cannot get local users to resolv the domains on my ispc3 box.

firewall (dhcp showing ispc3 as dns server) -> ispc3 debian x64 perfect -> lan users.

Everything works great for people outside the network.
Local users cannot get to domains on the ispc3.

debian x64 is running mydns not bind.

nameserver isp1.isp1.isp1.isp1
nameserver isp2.isp2.isp2.isp2

/etc/mydns.conf already has
listen = *
vs listen-on port 53 {;; }
which is in the bind example.

There is no entry for


is allow-query valid for mydns and is that the missing link?
should I change listen = * to what the bind notation shows?

thank you.
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