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Default No software packages for ISPConfig 3?

I'm very new to ISPConfig, and not sure if .deb packages (Debian, Ubuntu...) would be managed by ISPConfig, or only .pkg are accepted. Does anyone know about this?

I was trying to use a .deb package from Ubuntu to install phpMyAdmin, because I cannot find any .pkg sofware package for ISPConfig 3, but there are a number of them for the version 2.

I'm now thinking probably there are only .pkg packages for ISPConfig 2, and ISPConfig 3 is a new version not ready yet to install packages. Is that correct?

If this is so, then probably ISPConfig 3 is not ready yet for several other things. I'm now considering to downgrade to ISPConfig 2 for now, if anyone can confirm that ISPConfig 3 is in this early stage. Thank you.

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