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Originally Posted by tronds View Post
do you have this file someplace: "roundcubemail.conf" ?

locate roundcubemail.conf
if you find it, past the content here
I don't see my first reply, not sure if it's just delayed in displaying or if I didn't hit the "go" button.

In any case, I've got it working. The roundcubemail.conf does not exist, but that made me look for squirrelmail.conf, which while it didn't exist there was a folder called squirrelmail.conffiles which had a file called apache.conf. When I looked in that I saw a line that said
Alias /squirrelmail "/usr/share/squirrelmail/"
so I went to /etc/apache2/sites-available and edited the site configuration and added
Alias /roundcubemail "/usr/share/roundcubemail/"
Thanks for the suggestion, it pointed me in the right direction.

Now, if there is a better way to do this please let me know. I plan on hosting a couple of websites/email portals on this server and while I can include the alias in all of the sites-available files, it would be great if I didn't have to.

Thanks again tronds, I appreciate the clue!

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