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Falko, is it possible then to setup a crontab to rsync the file over at regular intervals?

What is the interval that this file is wiped? i.e., is it erased after the actions are performed? Or on a regular schedule?

Would this work? Thanks

(Hmm, you are making me wonder if for some reason there is some similar type of semaphore being used by Drupal for the Menu changes -- the menu changes are the only thing that is not being replicated there ....)

Originally Posted by falko View Post
This happens because the backend (which reads the configuration from the database and writes it to the configuration files) is looking for the file /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/.run before it starts to act; if this file is missing, the backend doesn't do anything. This file is created automatically by the frontend whenever you do a change in the control panel. Since you don't use the control panel on the second server, it is missing there. Maybe you should set up rsync mirroring between the first and the second server as well.

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