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Default There is a problem with the ispconfigdb replication

Falko, as I mentioned, there does seem to be a problem.
  • The database changes replicate fine; no issue there.
  • But, ispconfig doesn't seem act on those changes

  • It did not create the webX group (as in the owner of /var/www/webX would normally be: www-data:webX -- that group is not created)

Here was my test:
  • Verify that replication is working via SHOW SLAVE STATUS \G;
  • Create new Drupal multisite on the primary server
  • (BTW, for some reason the ispconfig internal counter jumped a few positions from web58 to web66, for example)
  • Setup the new Drupal site from the web interface (i.e., create 1st user, setup DB name, user and password)
  • Verify that the various ipsconfigdb updates made it to the secondary (i.e., new site, admin user, email address, co-domains, etc etc etc -- everything in your Drupal/ISPConfig/Debian HowTo)
  • Go over to the secondary and try to call up the web site
  • It defaults to SharedIP html page
  • Even manually copied over settings.php etc.

It seems to me that the ispconfig on the secondary is not performing the actions like creating folders etc on the replicated information; even though the replicated information makes it over cleanly

Any ideas?

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