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Originally Posted by till
The first question is what the error might be, as we dont get it on our test servers.

Please check if the URL to the web interface in the file /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/ is correct.
My URL is correct.
I can reproduce it. The first time I've installed ISPC I could'nt see the servies/firewll. After I tryed to change to ISPC was hanging up. That I've could managed by
creating the /etc/hosts file which was missing.
but now it's there.

Maybe it also has somthing to do with firefox because only there I noticed it.

When I change to the webftp site [xxx:81/capp.php?s=x=isp_file] firefox is loding even if I have loged in the ftpaccount. I only can stop it by using the "stop button" from firefox.

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