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I removed the HEADER_CHECKS I created from the HOWTO as I don't want to confuse.

Here they are for you expert experimenters.

Last piece, and this will be updated as I get more in depth, header_check in the postfix directory should contain these:
/^Subject: .*       / REJECT Spam Header Many Spaces 1

# Chinese, Japanese and Korean

/^Content-Type:.*?charset\s*=\s*�?(Big5|gb2312|euc-cn)�?/ REJECT HDR2100: Unaccepted character set: �$1?
/^Content-Type:.*?charset\s*=\s*�?(euc-kr|iso-2022-kr)�?/ REJECT HDR2110: Unaccepted character set: �$1?
/^Content-Type:.*?charset\s*=\s*�?(iso-2022-\w+|euc-jp|shift_jis)�?/ REJECT HDR2120: Unaccepted character set: �$1?

# Cyrrilic character sets: Russian/Ukrainian

/^Content-Type:.*?charset\s*=\s*�?(koi8-(?:r|u))�?/ REJECT HDR2200: Unaccepted character set: �$1?
/^Content-Type:.*?charset\s*=\s*�?(windows-(?:1250|1251))�?/ REJECT HDR2210: Unaccepted character set: �$1?
I will continue to build the header_check file as time goes on. So stay tuned.
ISPC3 on Debian! It's great!

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