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1) Make sure that you selected server 2 and 3 to be a mirror of server 1 in the ispconfig server settings if you want that records get mirrored to the other servers in the cluster automatically.
Till, what I mean is that I was expecting to see the DNS records added to the other servers; I do not need any of the additional servers to mirror the master.

2) ou added incomplete zones for and Both zones have no NS records. To fix this, add NS records for these zones. I recommend that you use the dns wizard the next time when you create zones as the wizard creates all nescessary records for a zone automatically.
I did use the wizard - I know you have repeatedly suggested this in the past to other forum members. And I have the NS records in place.


I found the problem: somehow, while playing around the DNS control panel I managed to defer partial Zone entries to the 3rd server, prior to the correct creation of NS entries. Named was unhappy about the results and refused to start.
I solved the problem by removing the truncated /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf.local and recreating a new empty file, according to the original installation instructions. After that named was happy to start and now I see DNS working properly across the cluster.

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